The Kraken

(A video feed rezzes in, most likely a camera drone being jammed by a crew member, to display an octomorph with bright red crocodile-scaled skin staring at the camera. The octomorph’s skin pulses and a stylized-looking black kraken shows up on the morph’s upper head before fading back into red. When it speaks, the voice is somewhat rough, but powerful enough to be broadcast-worthy.)

Welcome and good whatever time of day-cycle it is for you, wherever and whenever you’re watching this. I’m the Kraken, host of the show, although I’m more typically called by my name, Kevin Lucent. If you’re here, that means you’re either a fan of the show, which we’re all grateful for, or you’re some curious sort of mesh browser, in which case I hope you’ll stick around, catch some of our casts, and become a fan.

(The red skin shifts, fire-like patterns rippling across the surface.)

As the host of Release the Kraken, I’m the one who gets the most exciting parts – when we go to meet people, I get to have a chat with them, open lines of communication, sweet-talk them into letting us past their heavily armed security to look around, and so on.

(A tentacles crawls over the camera, obscuring it for a moment. When it passes, the octomorph’s skin is lime green.)

Of course, I do a lot of other stuff, too. I interview people, visit the hot places wherever we land, help get the others in and out of trouble, and when it comes down to it, I’m a pretty fair tentacle with both the sharp hunks of metal I like to keep close by and I’m a fair shot with my sweet Platinum Line railgun pistols, Hammer and Slammer. Being the octopus out in front means lots of big ugly things want a piece of me, and I am all too happy to oblige them.

(The screen cuts to a short montage of the octomorph blazing away with a pair of heavy railgun pistols at various targets, almost always on full auto, before switching back – only now he’s in the middle of what has to be a simulspace environment, surrounded by the kind of oceanic environment that hasn’t been seen since the Fall.)

I also do a lot of the grunt work for the show – all of us do, we’re a small, cozy, friendly outfit, after all. I build the interview simulspaces and recreational spaces, do a lot of the XP copyedit, and keep the Faceless One’s rants about TITAN conspiracies from taking up too much show time. You all think he talks a lot about it now, you should hear him when we’re recording. The guy’s banned in the LLA and on Mars because of his rants, which just shows that there might be something to the things he raves about, right?

All right, I’ll catch you all later when the rest of the crew decides that it’s time to RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

(The vidcast fades to black, a stylized kraken flashes on-screen, and then the video ends.)

The Kraken

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